Ancestral Beginnings
Welcome to Ancestral BeginningsLLC.  
We strive to help our clients discover their ancestral roots.  Each research request is unique.  Ancestral Beginnings will conduct a brief survey to determine the information you already know about your family and discuss what you are interesting in learning.  When did your ancestors come to the United States?  What did they do for a living?  Were they notorious?  A research plan and agreement will be prepared to confirm both parties are clear on the terms of the project. 
Once the research agreement has been signed by both parties and a retainer received, research will begin.  Communication will normally be done via e-mail, unless otherwise requested.  Any expenses expected to be incurred will be communicated via e-mail for your pre-approval.  An example of such an expense may be payment for a vital record or a cemetery interment listing.
An example of a research agreement may be found here.
Interview questions for your relatives may be found here and a 4-generation ancestor chart may be found here.
Once research has been completed, we will provide a documented report describing our findings and the basis for any conclusions, with full source citations, and copies of records located.  
Smaller services, such as obtaining records from local repositories or record transcription, are also available.
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